Credit & Debit
Card Processing

Credit and debit card transactions are the most common type of payments. CBD credit card processing will ensure your company is set up with the latest equipment and technology to handle card transactions with ease.

Credit and Debit Card
Processing Solutions for all CBD Business

Every CBD industry can benefit from accepting credit and debit card payments. We will set you up with the security, equipment, and resources needed to manage your card payments.



Provide debit and credit card solutions that can keep up with the demands of your business.



Enjoy credit and debit card solutions that offer secure transactions, easy integration and more.



Offer your customers card transactions that are fast and secure. Distributors



Make sure your customers are able to purchase at any time with trusted credit and debit card transactions.



Enjoy less backend work with card terminals and POS systems that integrate with your business.



Protect your business with credit and debit card solutions designed to mitigate risk and protect your company revenue.



Equip your local business or online store with credit card solutions that easily track your inventory and revenue.



Implement credit and debit card solutions that fulfil prescriptions transactions in seconds and help manage your workload.



Get backed by credit and debit card solutions that are as precise as your oil extracts and extraction equipment.


Choose your equipment

Cutting edge technology

CBD Credit Card Processing positions your business to run smoothly and effortlessly. Our full solution services take care of any payment processing, tracking, and storing needs your business may require.

Point of Sale (POS)

CBD credit card processing POS devices help increase efficiency and operation in your business in the long and short run. POS systems feature advanced technology and app marketplaces that bring ease and security to your business.

Equipment- credit-card-processing-terminals

Full Solution Terminals

CBD Credit Card Processing’s card terminals are simple but powerful. They offer secure transactions, back-office reporting, and immediate cost saving for debit and credit payment methods. Businesses have the option to accept contactless payments that fully integrate with your existing terminal.


With CBD credit card processing’s large selection of payment solution services, we offer multiple pricing options to match your full solution packages for your business.

Cost Plus | Interchange

The cost plus option is the most competitive and cost-efficient plan. We offer a complete itemized list of services so you know exactly what you will receive.

Flat Rate

Our flat rate option is as simple as it sounds. A flat rate for all solutions you require is calculated in an easy-to-understand statement.

Cash Discount Program

Our cash discount pricing enables you to save up to 95% off your processing fees for your business. This plan keeps money in your business so you can continue to grow.

Other CBD Payment Processing Services

CBD Credit Card Processing offers your company tailored payment processing services. Learn more about them: 

Contactless Payments


Cash Discount Program

Crypto Payments

Gift & Loyalty Cards

ACH Payments



Start Accepting

Whether you are seeking payment processing options, chargeback and risk management or marketing solutions, CBD Credit Card Processing is ready to enhance your business. Please submit the simple form below to quickly get started on accelerating your business on its road to success.